Bush Medicine
Sorrow looks back! Worry looks around! Faith looks up!

This Page is to contain Helpful Hints.  I will add some that I have found.  If you have any you would like to see here please email me and I will trial them and add. 

Always do your own research!


Eucalyptus Oil spray or oil is excellent for clearing the worst fungal infections.  It can feel almost painfully hot or cold when applied, but I have found it be be anti-fungal

To up your iron levels - pierce an apple with iron nails.  Remove the nails the next day and eat the apple.  I did this for several months and increased my iron levels considerably. Some have told me this could not work because it is the wrong iron.  I feel it did work for me! 

Geranium oil will lessen the effect of a cold sore if applied in the early stages.